With a Design/Build company there will be a single point of responsibility.  The architect, designer and contractor are on the same team and provide unified recommendations.  All decisions are reviewed as a whole by this type of entity.


Because teamwork is an essential part of our company, TurnKey Associates instills teamwork in all its construction and design projects. Our team not only includes you, the client, but our support people as well. We recognizes the value of our people, and the crucial role they play in our success. An open line of communication is important, not only with our clients, but with each other as well. Everyone’s opinion is heard and evaluated and used to move our projects forward. With TurnKey Associates, the Architect, Interior Designer, and General Contractor are all in the same company, working in tandem with you and can easily work with you to modify any changes during the building process.


As you can see, TurnKey Associates LC is more than an architect or a construction manager, it is a whole team, working towards one goal, and that is to design and build a facility that works for you.







TurnKey Associates LC is committed to providing our clients with quality products at a great value. There are many advantages to the way TKA operates and utilizes the Design/Build process.


● Competitive fee structure
● All cost savings back to owner
● We take on the leadership role for project responsibility
● Experienced personnel at all levels
● Cost savings through packaging services
● A team approach, which interacts relating to costs, schedule and quality in order to maximize the owner’s value
● Competitive bidding of local work
● We partner with your local trades as directed by you
● Ability to effectively fast-track a project for earlier completion without sacrificing quality
● We allow you to spend less time managing the project and more time managing your business
● Complete product - under one contract